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Stain Removal, Compound and Wax Polishing of all Hulls and Decks

MVS Tailor our services around the vessels condition and the Customer's requirements for that vessel. We realise every situation and vessels are separate and treat all our procedures as so. Firstly, we would discuss your requirements time cost and finish required, we would then view the boat and give you are professional opinion on what we can do for you, we would give you a fixed cost but in some circumstances, there may be more than one option all depending on procedures required. White hulls, blue hulls, white decks, coloured decks are all have the same approach (we do not specialise in gel repair but we do have contacts in the industry that we can liaise with or put you in touch with)

Blue and coloured Hulls and decks In general Most Blue or coloured Hulls do not require a stain remover although they do have a white boot top or waterline which may require a stained remover prior to painting or polishing. Finishing touches make the difference.

The first two set of boats required a good cut back and a wax polish to complete

This boat required sanding of the hull before Compounding to bring back the shine, we used several grades of sand paper finishing with 1200grit. Then we compounded back to a high gloss finish, completing this procedure with a hard wax leaving a super finish and the hull protected for another season. With all boats, there will always be some degree of UV damage, but if kept up together with a regular polishing the hull should not need this type of work at all.

This vessel required a stain remover prior to polishing and as you will notice there is a vast difference and improvement in the final finish.

White Hulls and decks. The vessels below have an all-white hull, you will see the staining is higher than just the water line, this is so important to remove before compounding especially with an all-white Hull

As you can imagine we have a lot of very Happy customers.

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