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Prestige 680 Antifouling

This is the Prestige 680 going to the Southampton Boat show in September 2016. Given 1 hours' notice we were able to assemble our team to carry out the work to enable the boat to be launched on time. We carry out this type work week in and week out and have done so for the past 30 years. It is great to see a team working as one they all play a vital role in meeting our deadlines, Another Happy Client. If you require a professional team to take the stress out of all your Antifouling needs MVS is more than happy to help. We will talk you through all aspects of our procedure (if required) but most of our clients just show us the boat knowing that it is in good hands and they are able to walk away and get on with their day doing what they do best.

First procedure, locate the designated waterline, there is sometimes a manufacture etch line marked on the hull, but this is not always the case. This is where experience comes to the fore. Tape up the water line and all the skin fittings, in this instance we needed to tape up the water line on the transom lifting mechanism.

We then keyed in the glossy gel to remove the shine and the mould release wax which would have been applied to the mould at the factory.

Degrease the hull and re-tape up the waterline, apply a coat of primer, leaving it to dry.

Apply the first coat of antifouling by roller to the majority of the bottom and brush on to the leading edges. Leave to dry then apply second coat of antifouling.

All Painting completed we tidy up any edges, refit bow thruster props, remove all tape. We then Paint the patches (left from the cradle that the boat sat on) prior to launch

Boat back on its berth

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